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Welcome !!

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We have been selling Japanese items. And we moved to HOKKAIDO(Northern in Japan), and notice that there are a lot of beautiful nature. Also people there are kind and enjoying delicious confection, sweets and food. So we decided to be here.

Please feel free to ask if you would like to know about HOKKAIDO. We have a lot of items and information.

Our Goal

Recently there are a lot of not only domestic tourists but also international tourists in HOKKAIDO. We know that here is popular as a travel place in Japan, so we would like to let foreign people to know HOKKAIDO attraction.

Our Goal is to discover HOKKAIDO information and transmit to all over the world.

CEO Message

I was born in HOKKAIDO, and moved to Tokyo to work. After sales work experience, I went to many countries. I noticed there that Japanese items were very popular all over the world. So I started to sell some Japanese items especially HOKKAIDO items in order to contribute here.

Thank you so much your visit and Enjoy EZOKAR store !!

Sin Takahata